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Hi, I’m Athena of Get Noticed Resumes

I am a mum of 3 gorgeous kids (of course they are!) with a loving hubby too. So, what am I all about and why am I here? Why would you want to work with me?


I am absolutely passionate about assisting women to apply for, and find, flexible working arrangements with new or existing employers. I want to give them the confidence to do so. I want to change the perception that women cannot have a career or be taken seriously if they opt for a part-time, job-share or other type of flexible role.


Ultimately, I would love flexible working arrangements to be mandatory if requested, not an option for businesses, so wherever I can, I advocate and participate in various forums to effect change. I’m so fervent about this because I was denied the flexibility I requested not long ago. I have a vision and I’m hoping to be but one tiny voice for change and ensure that by helping women to find flexible modes of employment we can change the world and the way it respects women in society and the work they do, paid and unpaid. I am a strong advocate for women’s rights and equal pay rights too. Some might even call me a feminist, but I prefer to say that I just want equality 😊


I love helping women highlight their talent, skills, and value so that they can find amazingly flexible roles and employers who will facilitate their career aspirations. With a flair for power word writing, I help my clients write amazing job applications that reflect their personal brand which stand out and sparkle in front of prospective employers.


People ask if I do work for men too.  You bet I do! Flexibility is for all families and the more we share the responsibilities of home duties and work the better the work-life balance for everyone.


I specialise in addressing Key Selection Criteria for government, quasi-government and not-for-profit roles. As a recruiter and selection panelist in my previous roles and with astute writing skills, spanning a career in senior administrative roles in a variety of industries, I am well placed to understand the role of these organisations and what they indeed seek in their prospective employees.


Having 22 years of experience from diverse industries (retail, wholesale, legal, human resources, learning and development, project management, office management, State Government, Local Government, construction, engineering and infrastructure too) along with being hardworking, showing initiative, thinking outside the box, a willingness to learn or be self-taught, I knew anything was possible.  Having all this diverse experience also makes for a great Career Consultant and Resume Writer because I can write for a broad range of industries and jobs and I can teach you how to be confident and never worry about where your next job is going to come from.


I am also a lifelong learner and thoroughly enjoy research. I have many qualifications, in the Arts, Human Resources, Legal Practice, Conveyancing, Business Management, Bookkeeping and Administration.  I’m a learning junkie, I have never stopped and never will!


I offer a full career service including:


  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn and Seek profile updates and optimisation
  • Key Selection Criteria, Statements of Claim, Statements of Suitability
  • Career, Job Seeker, Interview, and Mock Interview Coaching
  • Written requests for Pay Rises
  • Coaching and Business Case writing for Flexible Working Arrangements


I am also branching out into permanent talent recruitment and broader human resources functions soon.


I want my clients to go for the jobs that will give them a path to the career they crave with the flexibility and work-life balance they desire no matter at what stage in their life they are. A job shouldn’t feel like a job, you should love what you do. Career Coaching and Resume Writing is not a job for me, it is a passion and I love it. I want you to love what you do too and do it in the hours of the day you would like to do it.


So, let’s look at the bigger picture and apply for these jobs together!


Cheers, Athena